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6 Factors that be considered when establishing company

 6 Factors that be considered when establishing company

1. The type of work done, such as in the field of natural resource management, or in the field of printing the book.
2. Extensive effort and production techniques suitable large or small companies with respect to the with the required land.
3. Location close to the factors of production to save the cost of the company must be issued. Factors of production in question can be either natural resources, staff, capital, or entrepreneurship.
4. Support facilities and infrastructure, good transportation or communication to smoother the flow of distribution of goods or services to the outside and to the company.
5. The intended market
6. The risks which may be incurred, such as natural disasters, the refusal of the local community, or Government regulations that inhibit the activity of the company.

One thing that should be taken into account before the company is determining the main purpose of its establishment. Reach the goal without a tool is not possible. Capital such as raw materials, machinery, or buildings is a tool to be able to move his company.

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